Beyond Suspicion

by Catherine A. Winn

on Tour May 1-31, 2015


Fifteen year old Shelby Palmer becomes a person of interest in the disappearance and kidnapping of her infant half-brother, Josh. After hours of questioning, an angry detective confronts her with a copy of her text messages and, to her horror, twists their meanings. He points out how she had a fight with her stepfather and hates him. She can’t stand babysitting her little brother so her stepfather will be sorry he made her miss a party. Then an hour after Shelby storms out of the house with the baby, Josh gets conveniently kidnapped.

Disbelieved about being stalked by a couple in a white van, hounded by national and local media on the street outside her home, and hated by the kids who she thought were friends, Shelby knows if Josh is to be rescued she’s going to have to do it. So begins Shelby’s race against time and a world that has turned against her. And yet she finds help along the way. There’s mysterious Matt, who says he wants to help, but doesn’t seem to want anyone to know it. And there’s Jess, who watches out for Shelby as, against the odds, she tracks down the kidnappers just as they are leaving town.

Book Details:

Genre: YA Mystery
Published by: The Poisoned Pencil YA Imprint of Poisoned Pen Press
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Number of Pages: 220
ISBN: 9781929345106 Trade Paperback | 9781929345113 E-book
Purchase Links: Amazon Goodreads

Read an excerpt:

“Just a bunch of idiots,” Shelby agreed. Now she’d never get Josh calmed down. But amazingly he wasn’t crying anymore. The jogger continued on up the hill toward the parking lot while she went back to Josh. Shelby leaned over the stroller. It was empty. Even Brownie Bear and his blanket were gone. She stood up and frantically, heart racing, scanned the park. No one had a baby. She swept her gaze up and down the park again, then over to the parking lot. A white van was pulling out into the street. Her wide eyes watched it drive slowly past the baseball team and the soccer players before disappearing behind a row of live oaks. As Shelby screamed for help it registered in her terrified mind that she might never see Josh again.

Author Bio:

Catherine A. Winn, a former art and elementary school teacher, lives and writes in Texas. An avid reader of all types of mysteries from cozies to thrillers, she’s found writing them to be equally thrilling. She is currently working on her next Whispering Springs mystery.

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