by Westley Smith

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In the Pale Light by Westley Smith

On a snowy Christmas morning in 2015, the Hickory Falls Sheriff’s Department receives an anonymous call about a shooting in the Graham Video parking lot. Found shot to death inside his daughter’s car is Clay Graham, his wife, and their teenage daughter.

The murders are believed to have been committed by Clay’s brother, Terry Graham, the town hooligan. Terry has no recollection of that night. He was passed out, drunk when the murders occurred, and with little evidence against him to make an arrest, the case soon goes cold.

Shunned from the community, harassed by locals trying to run him out of town, and suffering from an undiagnosed illness, Terry lives alone on his farm, punishing himself for his past discretions. That is until Pennsylvania State Police Trooper, Henry Miller, who has ties to the town and the murders, shows up with evidence thought missing, kickstarting the case all over again.

Now, before he succumbs to his illness, Terry must find out what really happened that night and prove himself an innocent man. But Terry’s not sure he is innocent; he knows inside himself lives a dark and violent man, capable of hurting even those he loves.

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Genre: Crime Thriller
Published by: Watertower Hill Publishing
Publication Date: August 13, 2024
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In the Pale Light


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Excerpt from In the Pale Light by Westley Smith. Copyright 2024 by Westley Smith. Reproduced with permission from Westley Smith. All rights reserved.



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Westley Smith

Westley Smith had his first short story, Off to War, published when he was just sixteen. Recently, he has had short stories featured in On the Premise, Unveiling Nightmares, and Crystal Lake Entertainment. He was the runner-up contestant in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine’s “Mysterious Photograph Contest,” where his name was featured in the magazine. He sold his debut thriller, Some Kind of Truth, to Wicked House Publishing. His forthcoming thriller, In the Pale Light, will be published with Watertower Hill Publishing for a summer 2024 release. He is also the author of two self-published horror novels, Along Came the Tricksters and All Hallows Eve.

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