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The Taste of Datura

by Lorenzo Petruzziello

April 2 – 26, 2024 Virtual Book Tour


The Taste of Datura by Lorenzo Petruzziello

An alluring affair in Napoli.

Nick seeks the value of an antique bracelet in his possession. He encounters Laura, an amateur medium cursed by uncontrollable visions. With Laura’s help, Nick closes in on the origin of his treasure. But as the word gets out, the quest puts them both in danger.

A noir-inspired story ensnared by mystery, myth, and murder; all under a watchful eye shadowing Italy’s vibrant city of Napoli.

Praise for The Taste of Datura:

“A thrilling mystery that combines Italian history and international intrigue.”
~ Kirkus Reviews

Book Details:

Genre: Fiction. Noir. Crime.
Published by: Magnusmade
Publication Date: April 2, 2024
Number of Pages: 370
ISBN: 9781735065441 (ISBN10: 1735065447)
Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | | Goodreads | Magnusmade

Read an excerpt:

“No, soda,” Nick repeated.

The van was turned off, the lights turning off soon after. Mehmet removed his seatbelt and reached for the glove compartment.

“Mehmet, no soda,” Nick repeated with more assertion, adding, “Giza. Giza.”

“Soda,” Mehmet’s reply was more of a whine; a tone that said, Come on man. One drink. He slid some documents into the glove compartment and locked it with the key. Nick watched as he opened his door, also locking it behind him. The man then walked around the van and slid the side door open for Nick.

Nick gestured to his bag. Mehmet offered his hand and pointed to the compartment under the back seat. As Nick moved aside, Mehmet use his key once again to unlock the compartment and nodded for Nick to put his bag inside.

“Giza?” Nick asked again.

Mehmet smiled and helped Nick slide his bag into the compartment. This man is determined to get me out of the van. What is about to happen? Nick relented. He was in Mehmet’s hands. If the man insisted on a soda, Nick had no choice but to have a drink with him. He considered taking his bag along and maybe making a run for it, but he feared he would only be advertising the fact that he was a lost tourist.

Nick looked around and saw the bustling market at the end of the alley. At least there will be people around. He would let Mehmet lock his bag up and then would rush toward the end of that street—forcing the pair to be in a public setting. But isn’t it easier for a murderer to slip away after killing someone in a crowd?

Nick looked at Mehmet, trying to scan for a weapon of some sort but didn’t notice anything suspicious. Maybe he is hiding a knife somewhere in his pants? Or maybe he really is just a driver.

“No,” Nick blurted. “I want my bag.”

Mehmet looked back at him, confused.

Nick pointed to the bag. “I want my bag.”

Mehmet gestured to the lock on the compartment.

Nick shook his head and said, “No.”

Mehmet raised his hands in defeat and handed Nick back his bag. He then motioned for Nick to follow him out. Nick looked around, then forced himself to step out of the van. Mehmet signaled ‘wait here’ as he closed the curtains inside the van.

The end of the alley that led to the open market was to Nick’s right. He glanced at Mehmet still shuffling inside the back of the van, before quietly sidestepping toward the front of the van—the side that faced the market. He looked back and saw Mehmet climbing out of the van. He again turned toward the market and evaluated the distance. He heard Mehmet close the door behind him. Nick took another step, then another, and continued in the direction of the end of the alley. The closer to other people, he thought, the better. He continued his steps as quietly as possible, as his mind worked on an escape plan.

Mehmet called out to him.

This is it. Is this how I’m going to die?


Excerpt from The Taste of Datura by Lorenzo Petruzziello. Copyright 2024 by Lorenzo Petruzziello. Reproduced with permission from Lorenzo Petruzziello. All rights reserved.



Author Bio:

Lorenzo Petruzziello

Lorenzo holds degrees in International Marketing and Economics, with a background in global marketing for the entertainment and life sciences industries. He writes in his spare time, drawing inspiration from his frequent trips to Italy, his first dating back to his childhood. THE TASTE OF DATURA is Lorenzo’s third book.

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