The Intern

by Dale Wiley

on Tour April 20th – May 31st, 2015


It’s 1995. Things are going great for new Washington, DC intern Trent Norris. He’s out on his own, he’s found a fabulous woman to date, and if he doesn’t love his internship, he doesn’t hate it either. Life is nice.

But things can change in a moment in DC, and Trent finds himself the prime suspect in two murders and a slew of other crimes. Overnight he becomes the most wanted man in America.

Trent has to find a way — any way — out. He finds a way to hole up at The Watergate on a senator’s dime and enlists a comely call girl as his unwitting ally. But with the media eating him alive, he knows he doesn’t have long before they catch up with him. Can The Intern find his way out of this mess?

From tony clubs in Georgetown to Capitol Hill murders, The Intern has all the twists and turns of a classic DC thriller, with an added comic flair.

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller
Published by: Smashwords
Publication Date: March 1st 2015
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781311987716
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Book Formats: eBook & Print (limited)
Hosting Options: Review, Interview, Guest Post, Showcase
Giveaway: Limited Edition Physical for 5 Reviewers, US only | PICT Rafflecopter for those that prefer not to host their own giveaway (eBooks), US only

Read an excerpt:


“Are you going to kill me?”

He stared at the short, silver barrel of the gun, which I had pointed directly at his forehead. He struggled to free himself from the handcuffs and the bed, but he knew it wouldn’t happen. He probably thought about shouting, but then he looked at the gun again. In his mind, I was a bona fide maniac. I was a killer. He wasn’t going to scream.

I let him squirm for a moment, holding his gaze, making him think I was pondering the question.

I shook my head.

He breathed long and slow, easing down from panic into fear. He looked behind him at his left wrist, shackled by the tight-clamped cuffs, then looked at me again, trying for sympathy, and asked, “Then why am I here? What do you want?”

This was the opening I had been waiting for.

“That’s simple,” I said, setting the gun on the dresser and then leaning against it. I waited until he looked at me.

“I want to tell you my story.”

Author Bio:

Dale Wiley is a Missouri attorney who has had a character named after him on CSI, owned a record label, been interviewed by Bob Edwards on NPR’s Morning Edition and made motorcycles for Merle Haggard and John Paul DeJoria. He has three awesome kids and spends his days working as a lawyer fighting the big banks.

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