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Package 1: Marketing Tour

  • Four week long tour (M-F)
  • 10-45 posts featuring your book, estimated
  • Any combination of the following post types:
    • Review – There will be 5+ reviews scheduled
    • Guest Post – There will be up to 2 scheduled, optional
    • Interview – There will be up to 2 scheduled, optional
    • Giveaway – There can be a tour-wide giveaway for 1 prize, optional
    • Showcase – There will be a number of scheduled showcases
  • Social Media Posts, there will be social media posts on our pages before, during, and after the tour dates

* the quantity of posts fluctuates based on genre, interest, availability, and schedule openings


Package 2: Book Blast

  • One Day Book Blast or Cover Reveal
  • 15+ bloggers/hosts hosting a showcase (marketing material only). These will primarily be posted on the scheduled Tuesday.
    • A giveaway may be included.
    • Showcases
    • There will be NO reviews, Guest Posts, or Interviews


Package 3: Reviews

  • 5-15 scheduled reviews
  • Social Media Posts
  • There will be no showcases, guest posts, or interviews


Additional Services

Contact us for prices
  • Tour Banners
  • Live YouTube Interviews @partnersincrimevbt
  • Mysteries to Die For: Toe Tag
  • Books to the Ceiling Podcast
  • Partner’s in Crime Newsletter Feature
  • Social Media Coverage – Marketing Posts, Advertising, etc.
  • Social Media Images
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Content Repurposing | Books, Blogs, & Feeds
  • Promo TikTok, Reel or YouTube Shorts
  • Animated media/graphics
  • Social Media Strategy Outline
  • Social Media Post Calendar
  • Book Formatting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Front-End Web Design
  • Additional Services Upon Request


Submit your book for approval today!

Book Your Tour

We would be honored to assist in promoting you and your book around the world, and obtain the recognition you deserve! Please, submit your book for review at the appropriate link to begin the tour process!
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More Info About Tour Stops:

  • Review — A review of the book (these can include just graded reviews, book summaries, or full in depth reviews). Most reviews will be posted at one or more of the following sites: blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more
    • Physical Books are required for review tours
  • Guest Post — A customized post written by the author for a particular blogger/host and their audience. These MUST be unique, between 400-1200 words, and may be prompted by the host.
  • Interview — A blogger/host will send in questions to be answered by the author.
  • Giveaway — We can coordinate any type of giveaway that you prefer. We have found that a larger multi-tour giveaway of an gift card to promote on social media is best for attracting notice. We have also found that smaller host giveaways of the toured book (or a previous book in that series) works well. The smaller host giveaways work well because 1- you’re marketing to people who will want to read your book instead of people who just want to win a giveaway and 2- you’re generating interest about your book. The larger Amazon giveaway works because it generates SEO and drives hits to your website and social profiles.
  • Showcase — A post that includes the cover, synopsis, book links and occasionally the excerpt and a tour-wide giveaway

* Tour Packages & Prices Effective 01/01/2022
** Running a tour in addition to your tour with Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours will nullify the minimum promised tour stops unless otherwise discussed. **