1. Within 7 business days we will contact you to review and finalize the tour and your invoice will be created and emailed to you for payment approximately 30 days before the tour start date. The tour must be paid in its entirety prior to the tour start date.
  2. After we’ve agreed upon terms and at the appropriate time our hosts will receive an invitation to participate in your tour, it will include the synopsis of your book and tour dates.
  3. Hosts interested will contact us and we will schedule them, record their dates and preferences, and send them their ebook, as necessary.
  4. All requests for printed books will be mailed to you, or someone you designate, to be sent.
  5. The hosts will also be asked if they would like a guest post and/or interview. These are done on a first come basis. These will also be emailed to you, first upon the originally scheduled tour and then on an as needed basis.
  6. Within this time your tour page will also be created and posted on our website.
  7. Prior to the tour kick-off each participating host will receive a PR Press Package containing your image, your bio, a cover image of the book, synopsis, excerpt, book details, purchase and site links for posting (Amazon, Goodreads and B&N as applicable), your online links and additional information that they are to use on the day they post their review. This information will be derived from the tour page.
  8. All requests for adjustments and/or changes to the information contained on the tour page, and emailed to the host, must be made no less than 15 days prior to the start of your tour.
  9. Additional charges may result from making more than 2 changes to information provided to PICT or for making changes after the Press Kit has been sent, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
  10. Once the tour kicks off, each week we will send a reminder to the bloggers that are scheduled to post their review the next 7-10 days. You will notified as each host submits their post with the link and a summary, as needed. You should leave a comment and share this on your social media sites.
  11. Reviews may be posted on blogs, social media, OR sales sites at the discretion of the host. If the client/author would like for a review to be posted elsewhere, please as a PICT team member and we will convey your request. It MAY not be honored.
  12. If you have chosen to include giveaways as a part of the tour they will be handled in one of the following two ways
    1. If there are a limited number of giveaways we use Rafflecopter.com to host a tour-wide giveaway and offer that code to all of our hosts in the PR Press Package.
    2. If you have chosen to giveaway an unlimited number of books or ebooks we prefer & suggest that only those hosts that participate with a review host a giveaway of one (1) EBook per tour stop.

    How Partners In Crime Virtual Book tours runs a tour and our philosophy:

    • Reviews are paramount. Good reviews bring recognition to your book. Therefore, even when we schedule guest posts or interviews, we request that the host also provide a review.
    • Running a tour or prepping a tour with a different company and/or by yourself at the same time as your Partners in Crime Virtual Book tour will nullify the minimum requirements for tour stops.
    • Unless otherwise requested, PICT does not stop scheduling stops when we reach the contracted minimum of stops. We’ll book as many stops as we’re able, depending on the responses received from those that want to participate.
    • We are available to the client and/or hosts for any questions, comments and/or suggestions and encourage this to open the lines of communication and to have a good working relationship.
    • Once the tour starts, a member of our team checks each scheduled stop, reads the review and leaves a comment. PICT encourages the author to also leave a comment. Being reviewers ourselves, we know how important it is to see a comment from the author. Because this is a hobby for the hosts, it makes them feel special that the author took time to stop by their blog.
    • Also, if the review is a positive one, PICT posts a blurb on our Facebook and Twitter pages with a link to the review, which again reaches a large audience. We will use our discretion if the review is in the middle range. If, for some reason, we are “on the fence” regarding a review, we will share our thoughts as to why and ask your thoughts if you want posted to our social media sites.
    • Clients are not to otherwise contact the host for any reason. If the client/author has a question or comment, please share it with us and we will convey.


    • The majority of our hosts are invited. Our team scours the internet to find hosts that are reliable and who enjoy this genre. The main criteria for new hosts are:
      • We read the review policy to see that our specialty genre is enjoyed
      • How many followers the blogger has (we want to know that your book will reach a wide audience. The majority of our hosts have a minimum of 500-5000+ followers in a combination of outlets: Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon.
    • There are some negatives that I don’t have control of but I do everything I can to try to rectify some of those problems.
      • This is a “hobby” for our hosts, however, their followers and/or readers do make decisions on reading your book or not. Paid reviewers are not permitted to post on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
      • We have no control over whether a person will enjoy your book. We do our best to vet our hosts however, we can’t promise that they will enjoy your book nor can we control whether a host posts a negative review. We do ask that they notify us prior to posting a less than glowing review but are unable to control whether that is done.
      • A host may not post a review. If a review is not posted on a scheduled day, we send another email to the host asking the status of their posting.
      • Sometimes real life may interferes. A host may have a personal reason for not posting on their scheduled day and may reschedule.

    We may give a partial refund if we are unable to find the minimum number of hosts to host your book, administrative costs do still apply. However, no refund will be given if after reading the book the hosts are unable to finish the book, post negative reviews, if you do not like their reviews, or if you choose that they not post a review.

    * last Updated January 2, 2018