You Killed My Wife

by A J Wilton

June 13, 2023 Book Blast


You Killed My Wife by A J Wilton

Mort’s first goal on returning home to Brisbane after retiring from the armed forces is to investigate his wife’s death…

With a post-mortem trail that presents him with scandalous industrial espionage and both police and political corruption within Queensland, Mort finds his colleague Pig is the only one he can trust as he delves into the depths of putrid filth in his home state. Together, they must combat this insidious situation, battle not only rife politics and procedures but also outlaw bikie gangs out to protect their own interests.

With a skillset learned from the front-line military, Mort and Pig’s journey is filled with intrigue and danger and ultimately comes to a climax that will see them at the brink of their own existence with only the air in their lungs to keep them alive…

One answer has many questions…

Praise for You Killed My Wife:

“A great read… Suspenseful and exciting with every turn of the page and well researched and captivating characters… Excellent…”
~ Daniel, Indie Book reviewer

Book Details:

Genre: Australian Thriller
Published by: Shawline Publishing House
Publication Date: June 2023
Number of Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781922993045 (ISBN10: 1922993042)
Series: You Killed My Wife, Book 1
Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | | Goodreads | Shawline Publishing House

Read an excerpt:


‘You killed my wife.’

There, I had said it. Finally, after all these months of wondering how it would sound. It was out there. The reaction was about what I had expected.

Dillion Benson turned his focus to me and was about to tell me to ‘F … off’ no doubt, but seeing me, he stopped. It had certainly stilled the various conversations amongst his group (and some surrounding groups as well).

Benson wasn’t the first to respond. Joe Lancaster, his boss and the detective inspector, responded, ‘And who might you be?’

‘He knows,’ I said, nodding at Benson.

Benson looked at me and asked, ‘Mort?’ He offered his hand, and I nodded and shook hands with who I believed was my wife’s killer. He continued, ‘It was an accident – the coroner has signed off on it. But I must say I am truly sorry for your loss.’

I did not say anything, just stared at him, making him and some of his colleagues uncomfortable. I am a big man and admit I do know how to intimidate.

Another of his colleagues, whose name I wasn’t sure of, piped up. ‘What do you care?

You didn’t even make the funeral.’

I turned the stare onto him, causing an increase in the tension Eventually, I replied, ‘The Army were unable to extract me, didn’t even tell me she had been killed until our mission was complete.’

I continued to stare at him, gradually broadening my look to include the Detective Inspector and Benson, and said, ‘I have read the coroner’s report. I find it intriguing it is not mentioned anywhere that you are a serving policeman, or that a blood test was carried out. So that alone makes the report interesting reading.’

I let that hang, slowly placing my empty glass on their table without breaking eye contact with Benson.

I said As I left, I told him, ‘You will be seeing me again.’

Upon this, I left the bar and the pub. There, I have set the ball rolling – let the dice fall where they will. If I had known then what those four words, ‘You killed my wife,’ would lead to, would I have uttered them?

You betcha!


Excerpt from You Killed My Wife by A J Wilton. Copyright 2023 by A J Wilton. Reproduced with permission from A J Wilton. All rights reserved.



Author Bio:

A J Wilton

A J Wilton is an Australian small businessman with two thriving businesses who turned to writing through the quieter times brought on by Covid. He describes himself as a ‘Hobby Author’ fitting this into his already time-poor days. To date he has written two novels in his series about Mort and Pig in what is planned to be a series of five.

He lives in the Gold Coast hinterland in Queensland. He and his wife, both inveterate travellers, look forward to exploring somewhere new, with A J able to indulge his other hobby of landscape photography. He has three adult children and three grandchildren.

Catch Up With A J:
Instagram – @aj_wilton_author
Facebook – @AJWiltonAuthorOfficial



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